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High Heat Resistance (High Tg)

High Heat Resistance (High Tg)

When adhesion under high temperatures is required

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Product name TB2088E TB2285 TB3732 TB1372D
Main component Epoxy resin Epoxy resin Alumina Acrylate
Appearance Transparent yellow Transparent yellow-brown Milky white White Green
Viscosity (Pa·S) 40.0 4.0 140 11.0 110mPa·S
Curing conditions 25°C×24 hours or 1 hour at 120°C 120°C×60 minutes or 150°C×30 minutes 1 hour in room temperature or 50°C×30 minutes

100°C×30 minutes
Practical strength 25°C×1 hour
Final strength 25°C×24 hours
Glass transition temperature (℃)TMA 100 :  25°C× 7 days
160 :  120°C×1 hour
170 :  150°C×1 hour
180   147°C(tanδ)
Shear strength Iron×Iron (MPa) 18.1 (RT curing) 24.0 2.8 33 (Fitted)
Special remarks ·Pot life 70 minutes (25°C 100g) ·Excellent strength under high heat
·Excellent permeability when heated
·Heat resistant to over 1400°C
·Excellent water resistance
·Excellent electric insulation
·Anaerobic curing type
·With UV curing capability
·Set time 3 minutes

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


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