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Highly Peelable/Shock-Resistant

Highly Peelable/Shock-Resistant

For areas demanding high peel strength and impact resistance.

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Product name TB7737 TB2249G TB3036E
Main component Etyl-α-cyanoacrylate Epoxy resin Acrylate
Appearance Light transparent yellow Black Light orange
Viscosity (Pa·S) 2.0 75.0 10.5
Curing conditions Room temperature curing 160°C×30minutes 30kJ/m2
Shear strength Iron×Iron (MPa) 25.7 39.0 7.8 (ZnDC/Glass)
Peel strength (kN/m) Iron×Iron 3.4 8.0  
Special remarks ·Excellent impact resistance   ·Excellent bonding strength on zinc diecast and PPS
·Low cure shrinkage
·High flexibility and yet it has high Tg.

* Measurements are taken under standard testing conditions for each grade.


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