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Low Moisture Permeability

Low Moisture Permeability

Low moisture permeability

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Product name TB1152C TB3124 TB3125F
Main component Olefin-based sealants UV curable epoxy resin UV curable epoxy resin
Appearance Milky white Cherry white Pale white
Viscosity (Pa·S) 650 270 24
Curing conditions 100°C×90 minutes 60kJ/m2+Heat 40kJ/m2+150℃× 1 hour
Glass transition temperature(℃)
DMA method 1HzE" peak
-77 134 130
Moisture permeability (1mm thick)
5.56 30
※Film thickness 150µm
※Film thickness 150µm
Special remarks ·After curing, becomes rubber-like property.
·Compared to silicone sealants, it has approximately 20 times the hydrogen gas barrier.
Approximately 1/100 of moisture permeability
·Excellent chemical resistance

·Sealants for organic EL
·Single component, non-solvent type
·Contains 20μm of a gap agent (other grades are available)

·Sealants for LCD panels
·Single component, non-solvent type
·It is a product with high purity as it contains very little impure ions.

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


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