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1300 series(Anaerobic high-strength sealants)

1300 series(Anaerobic high-strength sealants)

It is mainly an adhesive for screws, bolts, and joints. It will not harden as long as it is in contact with air, but once it enters a very small gap in metals and other materials, it hardens quickly.

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Product name Features and Uses Appearance Viscosity (Pa·S) Break loose torque (N·m) Iron M10
TB1303 High strength Green 150 33
TB1305N High strength / Fast-curing Green 650 48
TB1322 Medium strength Red 150 22
TB1324 Medium strength Red 600 22
TB1342 Low strength Blue 150 9
TB1344 Low strength Blue 600 9
TB1360 Heat resistant  Red 800 29
TB1372D UV-hardened,high strength,high Tg, for fitting Green 110 33(Pin & collar)
TB1386H Slow-curing, medium strength, for welch pugs Fluorescent yellow 60 20(Pin & collar)

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.

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