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1100,1300 series(Liquid gaskets)

1100,1300 series(Liquid gaskets)

It is a liquid material that seals various types of flanges and pipes with threads. We have a wide selection of grades so that you can choose the right one for the condition of the application site.

Directions for Use of Products

Product Safety Guide

Product name Features and Uses Appearance Viscosity (Pa·S)

Blow out resistance (MPa room temperature)

TB1102 Non-drying Yellow


TB1110F Anaerobic, lubricating White 50 9.8
TB1121 Non-solvent, removable Gray 300 9
TB1141G Water-base, chemical resistance Gray 15 10 and higher
TB1158 Heat resistant, gear oil resistant, acrylic type FIPG Black 200 10 and higher
TB1184 Semi-drying, oil resistant, chemical resistant Gray 9.5 10

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.

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