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Automotive Adhesives: Connector Potting Compound & Protective Coatings
Automotive Adhesives: Connector Potting Compound & Protective Coatings

The automotive industry continues to innovate new technologies to make today’s vehicles the most incredible pieces of machinery on the road. This commitment to innovation is pushing auto manufacturers to evolve their electronic systems, which means relying on new methods of connector products.


What is Connector Potting?

As professionals in the automotive industry know, potting is the filling of an area using an epoxy glue, resin, or other similar compounds to create a hard, solid barrier. Backpotting is often used within the connector industry to describe the use of a potting compound in the back of a connector.

The importance of the connector potting process is that it prevents strain on the cables and contacts. While contacts will have a holding force on their own, backpotting helps improve the holding force and ensure the connection is strong. Backpotting also helps seal the rear side of the connector to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from interfering with the connection.

Connector potting compounds offer protection from:


The Best Times to Use Connector Potting and Protective Coatings

Since backpotting can be used on a variety of different cable connectors within the auto industry, it is important to understand where the process of connector potting works best.

  1. There is a retaining wall or extended wall on the rear portion of the connector to contain the liquid while it cures.
  2. The cable connector has a hood or backshell, it is usually an option to fill the inside of the hood.
  3. When creating a temporary retaining wall around the rear of the connector to hold in the connector potting compound until it is set.
  4. In instances where not all the contacts are being wired up, it can be beneficial to let the connector potting compound flow through the empty holes in the housing.

Epoxy resins, like connector potting compound, is much like using glue. It’s important to work quickly, carefully, and cleanly. We recommend reading the instructions carefully on the products you choose, to ensure you mix the two-part compounds properly before dispensing the glue into connector potting.

Why Choose ThreeBond for Connector Potting Compounds?

At ThreeBond, we understand the importance of innovation in the automotive industry. We offer a variety of two-part compounds that are environmentally friendly and technologically advanced to meet the rigorous demands of automotive manufacturers.

Browse our connector potting compounds and protective coatings to find the solutions you need to keep your processes running smoothly.