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Industrial Sealants
Industrial Sealants

Leak-Proof Barriers That Endure

ThreeBond is highly regarded as a leading sealant manufacturer worldwide. Our compounds work as high-performing barriers preventing the leakage of “inner” fluids through surfaces, joints or openings. When selecting a sealant, it is important to consider the type of joint surface, reaction between the sealant and inner fluid, the required pressure resistance, and environmental conditions of the application. Our extensive range of sealants spans applications in a wide variety of industries.

Sealants are used to seal a surface and prevent the passage of a liquid or a gas. At ThreeBond, we have made it our mission to create products that eliminate leakage or any waste of natural resources. As a brand that is committed to our environmental responsibility, we pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality products. We understand that faulty sealants can make or break a project and that every product we sell in some way should reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy. We hope our customers value our mission and choose our products to serve their needs.

We serve a variety of unique industries with our sealants including the automotive manufacturing and aftermarket industry as well as the motorsports aftermarket industry and consumer electronics. As a sealant manufacturer and supplier, we are confident in the products we sell to our customers and ensure they will minimize waste, reduce part and material costs and simplify the work for your employees.

Learn more about our sealants and accompanying products and see the difference for yourself when you choose ThreeBond.