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1100 Series

1100 Series

Liquid Gaskets and Adhesives


Liquid Gaskets, sometimes called liquid adhesives, seal various types of flanges and pipes with threads. We have a wide selection of grades to help you find the right product to match your application needs. With several different chemistries and reaction grades are available, there is a solution for nearly every application.

Liquid gaskets are generally fluidic materials at room temperature. When they are applied on a joint surface they dry after a certain time period. The goal is to form an elastic membrane or viscous thin film between the joint or thread to seal and/or lock. By using liquid gaskets from ThreeBond you can reduce the gasket material cost because only a small amount will provide sufficient sealing and you can reduce the steps in your process because of they are well adaptive to a flange surface.

At ThreeBond, you can choose from the following types of liquid gaskets:

• Organic solvent type
• Nonsolvent type
• Water-based type

As usual, we go above and beyond to provide a full suite of products that make it easy to find the cost-effective solutions for every industry and application.

Why Partner with ThreeBond?

There are plenty of manufacturers of industrial sealants, adhesives and coatings. But only ThreeBond is taking great strides to expand our product offering in a way that provides solutions for diverse applications and that eliminate leakage and waste of natural resources. We encourage you to learn more about the efforts we are making to minimize adverse environmental impact.

Download our liquid gaskets data sheets to learn more about our ThreeBond solutions.

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Product Name Features and Uses Appearance Viscosity (Pa * S) Blow out resistance (MPa room temperature) Moisture Permeability (g/m2*24h) H2-Gas Permeability (mol*m/m2*s*Pa) Curing Condition
TB1102 Non-drying, solvent type, excellent water and oil resistance Yellow 7 9.5 - - -
TB1110F Anaerobic, lubricating pipe sealant White 50 9.8 - - -
TB1121 Non-drying, Non-solvent, removable, can be used with solid sheet gaskets Gray 300 9 - - -
TB1141G Water-base, acrylic resin with excellent chemical resistance, can be used with solid sheet Gray 15 10 and higher - - -
TB1158 Acrylic type FIPG, Heat resistant, oil resistant, used for sealing AT and CVT cases Black 200 10 and higher - - -
TB1184 Solvent based, Semi-drying, all purpose liquid gasket, oil resistant, chemical resistant Gray 9.5 10 - - -
TB1152C One part heat curing olefin-based sealant developed for gas sealing of fuel cell Milky White 650 - 5.56 7.6x10-15 100 C for 30 mins
TB1153C One part heat curing olefin-based sealant developed for gas sealing of fuel cell Gray 1700 - 3.43 9.7x10-15 100 C for 30 mins
TB1156C One part heat curable acrylic sealant. Sealing and Potting with excellent heat and chemical resistance Black 380 - - - 150 C for 30 mins
TB1171E Solvent based, Non-aqueous electrolyte battery sealant Transparent 60 - 4.12 - 25 C/1h + 60 C/2h

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


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PLEASE NOTE: Not every product we make is represented here. If there is a product you don’t see, please contact us and we will provide information and specifications on request.

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