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1600 Series

1600 Series

Functional sheet adhesives


ThreeBond’s reactive-curing and heat resistant adhesive sheet is ideal for bonding large areas with film thickness uniformity, and is excellent for bonding without air bubbles and overflow. In addition to heat resistance, various functions have been added to meet a wide variety of industrial needs including optical use (flat panel displays), adhesion sealing of organic EL panels, and motor magnet bonding.


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Product Name Features and Uses Appearance Thickness (µm) Compressive Shear Strentgh Refractive Index Haze
TB1630 UV Curable sheet adhesive, high transparency, flexible, excellent light resistance. Colorless 40 5.1 1.507 0.01%
TB1655(20t) Heat Curable sheet adhesive, high transparency, reliable sealing. For sealing organic EL solids White 20 4.9 - -

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Consumer Electronics Industry

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