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1200 Series

1200 Series

Silicone RTV Sealant


Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing Silicone, or RTV sealants are used for sealing inner fluids via application to the joint surfaces of various flanges, screws, etc. ThreeBond RTV sealant forms a rubber elastic bond that have excellent vibration absorption, as well as chemical, shock and heat resistance. We offer a wide variety of single- component, moisture-curing silicones to handle almost any type of application.

Just some of the applications for our FIPG or RTV sealant is used includes:

• Water pumps
• Engine oil pans
• ECU modules
• And more

We offer several reaction types, including oxime, acetone and alcohol to suit a wider array of applications. We know our customers span across industries, and so we offer RTV sealant that is designed to withstand the wear and tear demanded by leading industries.

Our silicone RTV sealants are most often used in the automotive aftermarket, motorsports manufacturing and aftermarket and the small engine manufacturing industries. We are proud of the ranging solutions we offer, with an array of different types of FIPG or RTV sealant to choose from.

Why Partner with ThreeBond?

ThreeBond is proudly making great strides within the industrial sealant, adhesives and coatings industries. Our huge product assortment, including RTV sealants, allows us to be a one-stop-shop for almost any industry, with offerings that are designed to help improve production volume, eliminate waste, stabilize quality and reduce your workers’ costs. As a company, we are also committed to sustainability and offering industrial solutions that help to minimize adverse environmental impact. As a worldwide manufacturer of FIPG sealants, we continue to improve and expand our offerings to better suit our customers.

Browse our full selection of FIPG and RTV sealants and find the solutions that will improve your workflow.

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Product Name Features and Uses Appearance Viscosity (Pa *S) Blow out resistance (MPa room temperature) Tack-Free Time Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K) Curing Condition
TB1207B Silicone FIPG, Heat resistant, Oil and LLC resistant. Used on engine oil pans or water pumps sealing. Black 100 10 and higher 8 - Moisture
TB1211 Multipurpose low Viscosity silicone based liquid gasket. Excellent oil resistance, used with solid sheet gaskets White 68 10 and higher 90 - Moisture
TB1215 Multipurpose silicone with excellent heat, oil gear oil resistant Gray 70 10 and higher 60 - Moisture
TB1216E Silicone FIPG, Heat resistant, Oil and LLC resistant. Used on engine oil pans or water pumps sealing. Gray 200 10 and higher 6 - Moisture
TB1217F Silicone FIPG, Heat resistant, Oil and LLC resistant. Used on engine oil pans or water pumps sealing. Gray 240 10 and higher 6 - Moisture
TB1217H Silicone FIPG, High Viscosity with excellent initial pressure, vibration oil resistant Gray 330 10 and higher 5 - Moisture
TB1217M Silicone FIPG, Oily surface adhesion, Heat resistant, oil resistant Black 280 10 and higher 7 - Moisture
TB1281 Silicone FIPG, Gear oil resistant, heat resistant Reddish-brown 100 10 and higher 10 - Moisture
TB1281B Silicone FIPG, AT fluid resistant, heat resistant Reddish-brown 115 10 and higher 1 - Moisture
TB1225B One part room temperature curing silicone adhesive sealant for electric and electronic components. Quick drying and does not affect metals or plastics White 18 - 5 1.59 Moisture
TB1225C One part moisture curing heat dissipating agent. Excellent heat resistance. REACH compliant Gray 70 - 10 2.5 Moisture
TB1227D Silicone FIPG, engine oil and LLC resistant. Black 200 10 and higher 90 - Moisture

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Automotive Aftermarket

Motorsports Manufacturing & Aftermarket

Small Engine Manufacturing

PLEASE NOTE: Not every product we make is represented here. If there is a product you don’t see, please contact us and we will provide information and specifications on request.

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