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2700 Series

2700 Series

Industrial Brakes & Parts Cleaners


These series of industrial brake cleaners include degreasing and cleaning agents for cleaning automotive brake shoes, brake drums, mechanical parts, and other parts with oil and grease stains. We are proud to have perfected our high-quality industrial brake cleaners for use in various industries including the automotive aftermarket, automotive manufacturing, motorsports manufacturing, small engine manufacturing, and more. Find the best options for your application by shopping our selection of industrial brake cleaners below.

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Product Name Features and Uses Packaging
TB2706 Aerosol degreaser, will not affect plastics, for general purpose 480 ml aerosol can
TB2720C Industrial lubricant, water-based, ease of assembly 15 L (Pail), 55 gal (Drum)

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Aftermarket

Consumer Electronics Industry

EV & Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Motorsports Manufacturing & Aftermarket

Small Engine Manufacturing

PLEASE NOTE: Not every product we make is represented here. If there is a product you don’t see, please contact us and we will provide information and specifications on request.

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