Threebond International, Inc.

Creating our future from a single drop.
Increasing Production Efficiency

Engineered Dispense Solutions

ThreeBond offers a proprietary line of industrial material dispensing solutions. Our equipment engineers will work directly with customers through every step of the process while helping them procure the most effective adhesive sealants dispensing solutions for their application. ThreeBond engineering will support materials dispense trials, working with customer internal/external integration groups, as well as onsite installation and training support. Our products and services can help reduce time to market, and decrease material scrap waste, all in an effort to support the customer.

Why Choose ThreeBond for Adhesive Sealants Dispensing Solutions? ThreeBond is at the forefront of advancing adhesive and gasket solutions tailored specifically to industries including: automotive manufacturing, EV and fuel cell manufacturing, and more. Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering adhesive sealants, dispensing solutions, gaskets, and coatings that prioritize both safety and efficiency across automotive manufacturing and diverse industries. We persistently pioneer innovative technologies aimed at empowering manufacturers, ensuring that we stand as a trusted and dependable partner throughout the entirety of the supply chain. We invite you to see the difference for yourself when you shop our adhesive sealants dispensing solutions. READ MORE