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3900 Series

3900 Series

Structural Adhesives


This product series offers two-component (2K) structural adhesives. They provide high peel strength and are impact resistant elastic adhesives, yielding a good bond balance of shear bond strength and peel bond strength.


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Product name Features and Use Appearance Part A Appearance Part B Set Time (min) Handling Time (min) Mix Ratio
TB3923/28 2 Part Structural Acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesive strength, fast hardening, high heat resistance Light white Dark green 10 30 1:1
TB3955 Quick curing, two part, room temperature curing, elastic adhesive. Excellent thermal and moisture resistance Light transparent blue Light transparent yellow 5 120 to 180 1:1

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Automotive Manufacturing

EV & Fuel Cell Manufacturing

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