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6100 Series

6100 Series

Aftermarket Automotive Sealants & Coatings


ThreeBond aftermarket automotive sealants are ideal for quick and easy flat repairs, as well as, for use on cracked and broken motorcycle fairings, tabs, and plastic parts. Our automotive sealants and coatings are excellent for improving the aesthetic appearance of, and protection of a vehicle’s chassis. At ThreeBond, we understand the needs of the automotive aftermarket industry are unique to other manufacturing industries. That’s why we’ve created automotive sealants intentionally designed to provide superior protection from rust, corrosion, salt, sea water and acid rain. Learn more about our automotive sealants and find the solutions that will improve your warehouse operations.

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Product Name Features and Uses Color Salt Spray Test Packaging
TB6154D Wax based long term car body rust preventative to protect against corrosion from salt, seawater and acid rain Black 1000 hrs, class B 480ml aerosol can
TB6155D Water based type long term anti-corrosion agent to protect lower parts of cars and sealers on wheel housings Black 500 hrs, no rusting 480ml aerosol can

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Automotive Aftermarket

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