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3300 Series

3300 Series

Electro-Conductive Resins


These Anisotropic Conductive Resins (ACP) can connect multiple electrical contacts at the same time and make it possible to create an electrical connection in materials that cannot be soldered. They are electro-conductive resins made up of a synthetic resin and a conductive filler. They are used to connect various electrical contacts and for conduction. Silver, nickel, carbon, etc. are used as the electro-conductive fillers and epoxy resin, urethane resin, silicone resin, and synthetic rubber, are used as binders.



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Product Name Features and Uses Apperance Viscosity (Pa*S) Volume resistivity (Ω*m) Chip Bonding Strength (Mpa) Cure
TB3303M SMD-type crystal resonance conductive adhesive, silicone based, silver filler Light Yellow 40 1.9x10-6 3.6 180C x 60min
TB3303N SMD-type crystal resonance conductive adhesive, silicone based, silver filler Light Yellow 41 2.3x10-6 3.1 180C x 60min
TB3315E Conductive adhesive, synthetic rubber binder, carbon based filler, conductive hot melting, flexible, grounding of electronic components Black Liquid 6 4.3x10-2 0.92 150C x 30min
TB3331D Conductive adhesive, epoxy, based heat curing, grounding and conductive bonding of electronic components Silver 25 0.5 x 10-5 15 80C x 60min
TB3350C Conductive adhesive, acrylic-resin binder, silver filler, low resistance Silver 1 - - 25C x 24hr, 60C x 60min
TB3351C Conductive adhesive, Synthetic resin binder, nickel filler, Low Halogen content Gray 3 8.0x10-5 - 90C x 60min
TB3373C Anisotropically conductive adhesive for screen printing, stage B type Light Greenish-Yellow 75 - - 24C x 24hr, 60C x 60min

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Consumer Electronics Industry

EV & Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

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