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1300 Series

1300 Series

Anaerobic Adhesives


Anaerobic Adhesives are acrylic liquid gasket adhesives that cure upon exposure to metal and removal of oxygen supply. They are typically used for the bonding and sealing of screws (threadlocks) and other interlocking parts. Upon full curing, within 24 hours, they become heat resistant. Many companies rely on anaerobic tube sealing because they maintain clamping pressures and prevent the corrosion and loosening of fasteners. Anaerobic tube sealing adhesives are also commonly used in applications to prevent leakage of moisture, gasses or other fluids.

ThreeBond offers anaerobic adhesives in many different strength grades and versions with UV curability. Halogen-free versions are also available. With a variety of options from ThreeBond, our customers can find anaerobic sealing adhesives that vary in color, viscosity, strength, workable cure speed, and final cure speed. One thing that all of our anaerobic sealing products have in common is that they are rigorously tested to withstand wear and tear in multiple applications across industries.

Just some of the applications our anaerobic tube sealing adhesives are used for include: Welch plugs, Small engine manufacturing, Motorsports manufacturing, and more.


When it comes to manufacturing, you can’t afford to cut corners. All of the products offered by ThreeBond are designed to keep your business running smoothly. We design our products with end-use in mind. All of our product solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and safe for your team to use on a daily basis. We offer anaerobic adhesive solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive aftermarket, automotive manufacturing, motorsports manufacturing and aftermarket, and small engine manufacturing. Find the unique solutions you need to keep your costs low and your productivity high with ThreeBond.

Download our data sheets to learn more about our ThreeBond anaerobic tube sealing.

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Product name Features and uses Appearance VISCOSITY (mPa*S) BREAK LOOSE TORQUE Fe(N•M) Prevailing Torque (Fe) Workable Cure Speed Final Cure Speed
TB1303 High strength, used with bolts of any size Green 150 33 35 2 24
TB1305N High strength / Fast-curing, M10 bolts or larger Green 700 46 23 1 12
TB1322 Medium strength, M10 bolts or smaller Red 150 22 38 2 24
TB1324 Medium strength, M10 bolts or larger Red 650 22 30 2 24
TB1342 Low strength, used with bolts of any size Blue 140 8.1 - 2 24
TB1344 Low strength, M10 bolts or larger Blue 650 6.9 8.1 <1 24
TB1360 Heat resistant, retaining, used with bolts of any size Red 1100 29 20 6 24
TB1372D UV-hardened, high strength, high Tg, for fitting Green 100 33 (Pin & collar) - <1 24
TB1386H Slow-curing, medium strength, for welch plugs Fluorescent yellow 220 15.3 - 1 24
TB1359K Anaerobic sealant for surface bonding, thixotropic, use with primer Blue 2.5 38.2 (Pin & collar - 2 min (5 s with primer) 24
TB1390R Primer for accelerating curing of anaerobic sealants Transparent Blue-Green - - - - -

* Measurements are taken under the standard testing conditions for each grade.


Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive Manufacturing

Motorsports Manufacturing & Aftermarket

Small Engine Manufacturing

PLEASE NOTE: Not every product we make is represented here. If there is a product you don’t see, please contact us and we will provide information and specifications on request.

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