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Anaerobic Sealant Coating Equipment for Use on Screw Threads, Joints, and Connections

Anaerobic Sealant Coating Equipment for Use on Screw Threads, Joints, and Connections

Adhesives and sealing agents are widely used in industrial applications and contribute significantly to reducing the size and cost of various industrial products. At ThreeBond, we’ve found these peripheral technologies are often overlooked and not emphasized throughout the manufacturing process. For more than 20 years, we’ve prioritized adhesive and sealing agent application technologies with a more recent emphasis on anaerobic sealant coating equipment. Why is that? For mechanical engineers, these newer areas of technology are unfamiliar and challenging to understand. While most companies make do with a working knowledge of chemicals and how to handle these products, our company tackles this technology in a way our customers need.

Why is Anaerobic Sealing Coating Equipment Important?

Sealants that have both functions as adhesives and sealing agents are widely utilized in assembling machines. In particular, anaerobic sealants and coating equipment are commonly used on screws, joints, and connections, thus significantly reducing a machine structure’s size. This is invaluable to manufacturers who are creating products that need to meet specific size requirements. Anaerobic sealants are also used to fill small gaps in many applications. Application of sealant in assembly lines requires coating equipment that can accurately supply a very small quantity of sealant. In designing and assembling such coating equipment, considerations for the properties of anaerobic sealants are necessary.

Anaerobic Sealant Applications

Anaerobic sealants are used for various applications within the manufacturing process, which is why ThreeBond puts so much effort into creating effective and efficient solutions. Below are just a few of the most beneficial applications for anaerobic sealant coating equipment:
  • Coating methods for threads and shafts – This includes a manual coating of the bolt threads, automated coating methods for bolt threads, dipping methods for bolt threads, pressure-bonding for bolt threads, coating method for threads of taper plugs, and an automated coating method for motor shafts.
  • Coating method for the inner circumference of fittings and female threads - The rotor is inserted into the inner circumference, and anaerobic sealant is dripped inside the rotor. When the motor rotates the rotor at high speed, the sealant is sprayed through the small holes on the periphery by centrifugal force, coating the inner circumference of the fitting surface.
  • Application of sealant to joints – Using a dispenser or nozzle drive device, the coating can be automated.
  • Coating for sealing welded sections on tire wheels - Sealing welded areas on tire wheels is an important manufacturing process to prevent air leaks.
  • Coating for the outer circumference of coolant liners of diesel engines includes pressure coating type with rollers or applying the sealant with a dispenser rolled by rollers.
ThreeBond is committed to providing our customers with the high-quality anaerobic sealants necessary to produce finished products that are safe, secure, and reliable. We serve a variety of unique industries with our sealants, including the automotive manufacturing and aftermarket industry as well as the motorsports aftermarket industry and consumer electronics. As a sealant manufacturer and supplier, we are confident in the products we sell to our customers and ensure they will minimize waste, reduce part and material costs and simplify the work for your employees. Learn more about our industrial sealants.

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