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ThreeBond International: 2020 Year-in-Review

ThreeBond International: 2020 Year-in-Review

At the start of 2020, ThreeBond International was optimistic about several new projects scheduled for the first part of the year. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans. As the economic landscape changed for manufacturers and our customers, we adapted too.

Classified as an essential manufacturer, ThreeBond’s facility remained open during the mandated quarantines. We had the honor of continuing to support our customers, from initial impact of the coronavirus through today. While serving our customers, we also proudly maintained our full workforce without any employee layoffs or furloughs. Even amidst revenue forecast changes, the company showed year over year improvement in the fourth quarter.

Such financial stability provides the backbone by which we can continue to support our incredible team of employees, customers and community partners. And for this, we are deeply grateful.


Taking a Look Ahead at 2021

Looking forward to 2021, we are excited for many things: to develop deeper relationships, expand the number of companies and industries we serve, and to “dream a dream of greatness”. The latter is one of seven guiding principles at ThreeBond, which will continue to be a focus in the new year. Our team members are committed to greatness, and will continue to provide only the highest quality adhesives and sealants to our customers.

The world might have stopped, but we didn’t – and we won’t. With 2020 coming to a close and an even better year on the horizon, we want to say “thank you” to our customers. We are honored to have had the chance to serve you, and promise to do our best to continue to support your efforts in 2021. We are determined to make this upcoming year a great one!  

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