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Leading the Charge<br>Towards Clean Innovation
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EV & Fuel Cell Manufacturing

EV LIDAR Adhesives

As innovative technologies, like LIDAR, advance enhanced driving and safety features, such as auto-pilot and rear-view scanning, ThreeBond is well-equipped to support these unique on-vehicle devices. We continue to develop EV adhesives and sealing products to the highest standards with superior quality and reliability to meet the higher specifications required for collision prevention.

Why does the automotive industry continue to partner with ThreeBond? We understand that as the stringent requirements change within the industry, you need to pivot quickly and efficiently. All of our EV adhesives are designed to meet or exceed rigorous standards while also keeping in mind eco-friendly design. Our EV adhesives are ideal for a variety of industries including:

- Automotive industry
- Automotive aftermarket
- EV and fuel cell manufacturing
- Small engine manufacturing
- And more

We offer EV adhesives that work with our other solutions, including our EV battery enclosures, EV sensors, fuel sealants, and coatings. Learn more about our extensive line of EV adhesives and find coordinating products. Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for manufacturers to improve their output and maintain efficiency.