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Towards Clean Innovation
Leading the Charge<br>Towards Clean Innovation
EV & Fuel Cell Manufacturing

EV Sensors

As the number of sensors has increased on newly designed vehicles, protecting and sealing them require more high-performing technologies. To ensure sensors remain viable throughout the life of a vehicle, ThreeBond’s EV sensor adhesives are designed to provide high durability, strong adhesion and sealing properties, and excellent vibration absorbance. Additionally, many recommended EV Sensors are UV and moisture curable.

Why choose ThreeBond? Not only are we leading the way in clean innovation for a variety of markets and industries, but we are continually innovating to create new, efficient solutions. As the EV and fuel cell manufacturing industry continues to evolve to create more sustainable solutions, we will be at the forefront of creating coordinating EV sensor adhesives, coatings, and sealants.

All of our EV sensor adhesives are designed to:

Meet or exceed industry standards
Provide strong and durable adhesion
Be sustainable
Improve efficiencies in your assembly line
Minimize disruptions in your factory

Our EV sensor adhesives are ideal for automotive electronics, EV sensors, EV battery enclosures and more. We coordinate products and solutions to help you get everything you need to improve your output from one place. ThreeBond offers the most innovative solutions for EV sensor adhesives and can help you customize a solution to match your unique needs. Browse our related products below.