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EV & Fuel Cell Manufacturing

EV Battery Enclosures

ThreeBond’s specially formulated EV battery enclosure sealants and compounds are created to seal battery cases that protect battery packs from dust, water and other environmental factors. Our battery enclosure sealants provide greater regulation of heat dissipation, noise and vibration dampening and are vital to preserving the life and performance of the battery.

Most often, our battery enclosure sealants are used to improve efficiencies within the automotive industry, but our innovative solutions can also be applied to EV and fuel cell manufacturing, the automotive aftermarket, and motorsports manufacturing. Unlike other options available within the automotive industry, our battery enclosure sealants are designed to:

- Create a more durable finished product
- Meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry
- Improve production volume
- Minimize disruptions in assembly lines
- Blend seamlessly with existing operations

EV battery enclosure sealants from ThreeBond are backed by our years of industry expertise and innovation. As a go-to manufacturer of battery enclosure sealants, adhesives, and other coatings, you can trust all of our solutions are built to withstand the test of time. Browse for other related products to our EV battery enclosure sealant and contact us for customizable solutions.