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Automotive Electronics
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Automotive Electronics

An increase in competition, regulations and rapidly changing technology have all increased the need for reliable and improved polymer adhesive formulations for automotive adhesives. We offer a diverse array of products designed to handle the high capacity and high-performance expectations of automotive electronics. Heat dissipation, electrical conduiting, case sealing, connector potting, and protective coatings are just a few of the many technologies ThreeBond has developed for this growing market.

At ThreeBond, we have had more than 60 years to perfect our formulations in a way that makes them strong enough to withstand exposure to harsh automotive environments including anti-lock brake systems, climate controls, navigation systems, displays, security devices, and more.

We are proud to offer flexible, specially formulated, automotive adhesives solutions for manufacturers all over the globe. Our years of expertise within the industry speak for themselves. All of our adhesives have been rigorously tested and exactly processed to meet or exceed the strict regulations of the automotive industry.

Why partner with ThreeBond? We understand there are a variety of adhesive and sealant options available within the automotive manufacturing industry. As a sealant and adhesive manufacturer and supplier, we are confident in the products we sell to our customers and ensure they will minimize waste, reduce material costs and simplify work for your employees. See the difference for yourself.