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Driving The Future
of Adhesives
Driving The Future<br>of Adhesives
Automotive Manufacturing

Pre-Applied Fasteners

Our superior micro-encapsulated pre-applied fastener adhesives are used to coat threaded portions of screws, bolts, pipes, etc., adding sealing and locking functions to fasteners used in many industries. Pre-coated fasteners can maintain stability for up to 6 mos. or more and eliminate the liquid threadlocker application step in a production process. ThreeBond offers various strength grades to meet your unique specifications and is proud to offer solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Pre-applied adhesive fasteners serve a wide range of industries, and as such, we have taken great strides to create a product offering that suit every need. All of our ThreeBond products are developed to eliminate leakage or waste our natural resources. Our pre-applied adhesive fasteners are specifically designed to withstand a wide range of pressures, chemical fluids and gasses. As we do our best to continue to serve the automotive manufacturing industry, the aftermarket industry and the EV and fuel cell manufacturing industry, we will continue to manufacture and supply innovative solutions that get the job done while also helping the planet in any way we can.

We encourage you to browse our selection of pre-applied adhesive fasteners and to check out our line of other related products. By being a one-stop shop for all your adhesives, coatings, and sealants, you can rest assured you are getting the highest-quality products that work together to produce the very best results for every application. And, you can feel confident we are doing our part to improve safety, reduce costs and drive production efficiencies within ThreeBond.