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Powertrain Automotive<br>Adhesive Supplier
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Powertrain is where ThreeBond International got its start in 1955 and it soon became the OEM supplier of choice worldwide to many automotive manufacturers. The Powertrain, which consists of the engine, transmission, and axle, is core to a driver’s safety, fuel efficiency, and environmental footprint.

It has always been our goal to create innovative products as an automotive adhesives supplier to help drivers save fuel and protect the environment in any way that we can. Even saving a single drop of fuel is core to who we are, and all of our products are designed to preserve precious natural resources.

In order to be a full-service automotive adhesive supplier, we offer solutions including liquid gaskets and adhesives, silicone RTV sealant, anaerobic adhesives, polymer adhesives, instant adhesives, and more. It continues to be our mission to provide top-quality adhesives solutions that accommodate every aspect and application within the automotive industry.

ThreeBond recognizes that every decision you make when it comes to building vehicles impacts the finished product. Instead of shopping around to various manufacturers, we strive to offer everything you need in one place. This allows you to build a strong partnership with our company and gain the confidence in our products to use them across the board. From sealants to adhesives, we aim to minimize waste, preserve natural resources and simplify the job for your employees. All of our powertrain adhesives and related products are backed by more than 60 years of industry-leading technology and innovation.

Why partner with us over another manufacturer? We understand the importance of building efficiencies in your workflow. We’ve spent years creating formulations to suit every area of auto manufacturing and we offer unique products and compounds you won’t find anywhere else. We work directly with you to find viable solutions in a timely manner that saves you money and resources. Talk with our team to find the customized solutions for your industry and your application.