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Energy efficiency for gas and hybrid engines is dependent on transmission productivity. Proven resistance to a variety of industry transmission fluids and oils, Threebond’s transmission adhesion products provide reliable flange sealing for transmission cases and oil pans. Anti-seizure and rust-preventatives ensure continued lubrication of gears, O-rings, bearings & washers. Acrylic, water, and epoxy-based screw fixing and bolt sealing applications.

At ThreeBond, we understand that adhesives are all designed for specific applications. That’s why we offer a full line of transmission adhesion products and sealers that are backed by our more than 60-year reputation and industry-leading technology. Besides their important role in the adhesion products, all of our transmission adhesives and sealers are designed to prevent oxidation and corrosion and provide some protection from water intrusion.

Every product you choose to produce your vehicles is a direct reflection of the quality and integrity of your brand. That is why every transmission adhesion product, sealant, and related products are rigorously tested. It is our goal to help you find reliable products that reflect highly on your brand while also helping to minimize waste, reduce part and material costs, and improve efficiencies for your employees.

Why work with ThreeBond? Besides our huge selection of industry-leading adhesives, cleaners, resins and sealants, we also will work with you to find unique solutions to suit your specific application in the automotive industry. Reach out to our team to learn more.