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Body (Structured Acrylics)
Body (Structured Acrylics)
Automotive Manufacturing

Body (Structured Acrylics)

To meet the demand of automotive OEM’s, ThreeBond has developed structural adhesives to meet the stringent requirements of bonding metal and dissimilar substrates to achieve weight savings. As a result, auto manufacturers are able to increases fuel economy on today’s vehicles. ThreeBond’s structural adhesives use acrylate and epoxy as the main component and provide a good balance of shear and peel bond strength, durability, stress relaxation properties, vibration absorption, and conformability to impact.

When it comes to structural adhesives for auto bodies, the formulation matters. The substrate and the adhesive must be compatible in a way that allows the adhesive to endure significant wear and tear and environmental conditions to which it will be exposed. At ThreeBond, we have devoted over 60 years to developing unique formulations, like our body structural adhesives, that meet the demands of the automotive industry while exceeding expectations on weight savings.

We fully appreciate the importance that gauging down vehicle components such as the powertrain, engine and underbody can yield in terms of weight savings. Just a few simple adjustments to our formulations can result in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

Why choose ThreeBond? We understand there are a variety of manufacturers of adhesives and sealants available to automotive manufacturers, but what sets us apart is our commitment to innovation. We are determined to continue improving our automotive adhesives in a way that increases efficiency, minimizes waste, and reduces material costs. We invite you to see the ThreeBond difference for yourself.